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The ACVx Treatment for Molluscum Contagiosum is 100% NATURAL treatment that is guaranteed to clear your molluscum lesions in less than two weeks. It works every time with no side effects




That's right. You can start your treatment in five minutes from now. ACVx is based on a natural home remedy for molluscum contagiosum. You probably have all you need for the treatment at home right now, or you can get it from your corner store for less than $5. Order the guaranteed ACVx treatment now and you will receive the instruction details upon payment.


Case Study

The following is a typical case of ACVx treatment used on an adult male infected with molluscum contagiosum on the neck. The infection was about eight months old with no signs of decreasing on its own. Several other treatments had been attempted with no definite results. Click on an image for more details.

Picture of molluscum bumps 1 week before treatment

1 week before

Picture of molluscum bumps 3 days after treatment

3 days after

Picture of molluscum bumps 1 week after treatment

1 week after

Picture of molluscum bumps 11 days after treatment

11 days after


Treatment Details

The following are some details about the treatment. Please review the FAQ for more details:

  • You need to perform the procedure once only
  • Next day the virus is dead and no longer contagious
  • Lesions start improving in 2-3 days
  • Barely visible traces in less than 2 weeks
  • Works on adults and children
  • Not painful, maybe a slight burning sensation
  • Will not scar
  • Good for treating specific bumps or wide areas
  • Cures the disease completely, not just some lesions
  • No new molluscum will grow on treated areas
  • Completely safe with no side effects
  • Nothing that needs to be ingested (eat or drink)
  • No medication or medicinal ingredients used
  • Good on any area of the body, including pubic areas. The only exception is the eyelids



My daughter has suffered over a year from molluscum all over her body.  We tried so many things and nothing worked, not even doctor visits. Then we tried ACVX on a small patch on her waist. It worked just like you said and cleared up very quickly. I've attached the photos I took. We're now going to try it on the rest of her body. Thanks so much. A grateful Mom.

Just before treatment

Right after treatment

2 weeks after


... She caught it from her sister and it spread quickly over a wide area in her armpit. I used your treatment in one shot on the whole area. Everything that was treated had vanished within 10 days. There are a couple of lesions outside the treatment area that are still there, and I will treat them seperately. You can use the pictures I send you as testimonial on your website because I noticed you do not have any testimonials like other websites. S. B.

1 day after

3 days after

1 week after


My 6 year old had these in his groin area. He was pretty upset that they were getting worse with other treatments and not going away. The dr. informed us it could be up to a year. The real kicker was when we went on vacation to warmer climate and they multiplied quickly. We returned to do our own research on the internet. Thats when we found you. We immediately followed your procedures. Our son was so relieved to see that we finally got rid of them. A few popped up after the initial treatment, we followed your procedure on a few here and there, and within three weeks from the day we started they were gone. Thank you for this awesome posting.  MOM

Order the guaranteed ACVx treatment and cure your molluscum today.

For more information, please review the FAQ, or use the contact page to send us any questions.


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