Case Study - Three Days After Treatment

Molluscum contagiosum 3 days after treatmentThis photo shows the molluscum contagiosum bumps three days after the ACVX treatment is applied. If you compare it to the before photo, you will notice that the bumps are all red now and lost the white part in the center. This is a good indication that the virus has been eradicated. Also, the swelling of the bumps has been reduced significantly after just 3 days. You can still feel the swell of each bump, but it is much less than before.

On the lower part of the photo (inside the green circle) are two bumps that were not treated with ACVX yet. Instead, they were treated for 3 consecutive days with iodine. Four days later, this picture was taken. As you can see, the iodine had no effect. The same night as this photo was taken, those two bumps were treated using ACVx, and that turned out to be much more effective than iodine.

At this point, there were still active lesions on other parts of the neck (including the shaving area in the front under my chin). They were not treated at the same time as the bumps in the photo above, but rather a few days later after I determined that the treatment actually works.

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