Before The Treatment

Molluscum contagiosum before treatmentOn the left is a picture photo of the right side of my neck with molluscum contagiosum bumps all over. This photo was taken exactly one week before I applied by personal treatment to the molluscum bumps and got rid of them once and for all.

At this point in time, I had the molluscum for about eight months. I had tried several kinds of treatments, but nothing cured the disease. Liquid nitrogen was best at eliminating some of the bumps, but it did not cure them for good or stop the spreading. Also, it left a scar. In the photo, the area inside the green circle was treated with liquid nitrogen on 2 separate occasions, 2 weeks apart. You can see the skin discoloration due to the scars left by the treatment. I had also tried duct tape, iodine, various creams, antibiotics, cortisone, burning, squeezing, scraping, salts, and silver to name a few. Nothing worked. I had warts on my fingers a few years ago, and they cleared on their own within 3 months. But molluscum contagiosum turned out to be much more persistent. Even after eight months, they showed no signs of weakening and were still spreading. The spread from the back of my neck to my hairline, to the shaving area on the front of my neck, to my back, and to my arms.

Finally, after weeks of constantly searching for a treatment, I was told of one possibility which worked like magic. Using one treatment only, the molluscum bumps started fading away. Since then, I have advised many people about this treatment and it cured every one of their molluscum contagiosum infection. This is the only guaranteed treatment available out there. Trust me, I have done my research and trials. Get the treatment today.

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