Our Guarantee

The ACVx treatment clears molluscum contagiosum lesions in 100% of the cases. This is guaranteed.

We guarantee that the ACVx will clear your molluscum contagiosum lesions in 2 weeks if applied according to our instructions. By "clear", we mean that the virus in the lesions will die, and the lesions will shrink, become flat, and will lose most of their red color.  Traces of the lesions may remain on the skin for some time while it heals completely.

If you apply the treatment properly, and the lesions do not clear in 14 days after application of the ACVx treatment, then let us know and we will refund your payment in full.

Unfrotunately, some people may attempt to take advantage of this guarantee and request a refund even if they have been treated successfully. To prevent abuse of this guarantee, we require from you a photo of the lesions right before the treatment, and 14 days after the treatment. The photos need to be timestamped. EMail us the photos with a request for a refund, and we will process your request and issue your refund within 2 business days.


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